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A new perspective on leadership 

Journey To Enjoyable Leadership™

Leaders are supposed to model exemplary behaviors through fostering collaboration and teamwork. Leaders must prepare and guide their teams through the myriad number of new
and emerging global challenges including, Technological Disruption, Climate Change,Culture
Wars, Political Upheaval, Fake News, Pandemics, and other dangers that create division, anxiety and stress.

The goal of this program is to help the leader to work on him/herself and develop the tools to
best navigate the world whilst having a more positive impact on the business he/she serves
and people he/she leads.
Learn how to leverage their strengths to solve the most pressing problems in the organization.
Acquire the skills to harness their energy to function in a high output environment.
Become aware of their unproductive behaviors and develop a plan of action for change.
Learn and apply techniques to recognize and address their business weaknesses.
Understand the power of neurological factors to affect behaviors and impact change.
Learn to navigate organizational politics and exert greater influence in the workplace.
Create a platform for enjoying their jobs and bringing others along in their success.

IMPORTANT: Limited spots available. Quality is more important than quantity and we want attendees to have the best experience.

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Themes Covered

Develop the Right Mindset
The right mindset keeps you rooted in what is possible instead of choosing an interpretation based on fear, blame and being fixed in your comfort zone.
Achieve Self Mastery
Self mastery allows you to show up authentically. To lead others, you must lead yourself first. The conscious leader understands that self leadership is a journey, not an event.
Embrace Change
Being a change-ready leader is necessary to manage performance in this era where uncertainty characterizes every area of life and work.
Position Yourself Powerfully
Successful managers navigate organization politics to create influence, effect change and get things done.
Master Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is not about entertainment. Good leaders are intentional and strategic about how they listen in order to enable, empower and create success for others.
Build Enduring Trust
Organizations thrive and compete successfully when they can operate at the speed of trust. The attitudes and actions of individual managers can help create success or frustrate efforts to achieve it.
Stay Composed
Effective leaders stay calm under fire. They take control , leverage their strengths and those of their team and focus on solutions.
Avoid Backside Behaviours
Great leaders consider the feelings of others. They inspire effort by their example, and lead with fairness, integrity and respect for all.


Coach Kenneth Corbie is a seasoned business leader with 38 years management experience across 6 industries with over 2000 staff under his span of control.

He uses a blend of Sherpa Coaching and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching to engage his clients in a strong accountability and change process.
His Coaching style is warm, direct, challenging and transformative.

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Limited Spaces Available