Edwin Ramcharitar Testimonial

I am very pleased that you have been my Sherpa coach over the last six months and for life which I graciously thank you and wish you only the best. Our coaching sessions have not only been providing unprecedented leadership development but inspiring and insightful lively discussions to help me deliver extraordinary performance.

Your unique approach exhibits a sense of interest in championing me to the attainment of team goals and providing practices that accomplishes a new level of thinking to deliver great results which has even allowed me to also ascribe to many others on my team.
The approach that was taken where I brought to “life” all facets of my new role as General Manager guided our coaching sessions along with the structured Sherpa framework. Your mentoring and guidance helped me to confront all challenges to deliver solid performance. You have inspired and helped me understand and define success, how to envision and pursue the type of life that I want for myself, my family and my team. It gave a clear distinction what will make the biggest difference in my career and how to counteract the key issues that poses the greatest challenges and be an exemplary leader.

My attitude towards career goals and aspirations have materialized in action-oriented results whereby I can now accede easily to make changes and move forward with valuable life lessons in being a better person. These life lessons of dynamics in change, creating and delivering the extraordinary, building esteem and inspiring not
only help my Team but my family and friends. I feel confident that I can better develop short- and long-term plans for the all-round benefit of all. This coaching journey has helped me both personally and professionally, which is imperative for mutual success.

Thank you, my friend!