Jennifer Massiah – Testimonial

My initial reaction to a coaching opportunity was scepticism. I saw a 13-week engagement as a sacrifice of time against a very hectic schedule. Having completed the program, I highly recommend Ken Corbie as a coach and the Sherpa coaching methodology as a platform for leadership development.

As my Sherpa, Ken Corbie coached with a high sense of organisation and extreme professionalism. His delivery is exceptional, and he is insightful and supportive.

Among the areas I developed during the engagement are: Confronting early; managing team expectations better; delegating effectively; monitoring staff performance and building more productive relationships.

Using the techniques I learned in the coaching engagement has led to a most fantastic turnaround in my career. I am now able to adopt a more strategic approach in my role, and the change has led me to embark on bigger and more far-reaching initiatives for Habitat which have the potential to change lives in our quest to alleviate poverty housing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Both my team and members of the board of Habitat have acknowledged my progress, and I am happy that I embarked on this journey.