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My Success Could Have Come Earlier and With Less Pain

Learn from my experience, do not delay or hinder your success. Grasp your opportunities now!
Even though I enjoy tremendous achievements in my life, if I knew about coaching in my 20’s my journey may have been less painful. All success comes at a price its true, but for every challenge one meets there are multiple people who have been through and overcome them and can help you navigate
the pitfalls. 

So my boyhood battle with doubt and confidence grew with me into adulthood and attached itself securely. At work I never talked to anyone about it, becoming a manager at the age of 24 without any formal training or qualifications, I was afraid that people would see my shortcomings. So I
put on a brave face and walked and talked with a false sense of self assurance but deep down inside, turmoil reigned. Insecurity about decisions, nervousness to make presentations, fear to confront power and avoidance of critical conversations all conspired to keep me from realizing my real leadership potential. 

A coach would have helped me to see that I was not alone, that people everywhere, including the rich, qualified, brave and beautiful have weaknesses and that theirs had the same effect on them as mine on me. The coach would help me to challenge my own assumptions and the interpretations that informed the way I showed up. He would have introduced me to new powerful ways of thinking and being that could free me up to expend my energy on achieving extraordinary goals
instead of worry and anxiety. After years of struggling with my own weaknesses, I experienced breakthrough and now I use my Coaching to help others navigate the turbulent waters of leadership and life. 

Maybe my story can inspire you to reach for extraordinary success and bring others along on your

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"The coaching experience has given me a head start on many tools to make me a better leader.."
Jon Jhingoorie, ANSA McAL Construction Sector

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Ken Corbie is a business leader and Executive Coach. He has over 35 years of business and leadership experience.

He works with companies to get their leaders and executives to perform through using several proven coaching techniques.
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