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the employee has shown tremendous improvement

Mr. Corbie’s coaching services were procured to enhance the leadership skills of one of our newly promoted employees. What was impressive to me was that the Sherpa’s coaching methodology focuses on recognising and working through one’s weaknesses. After completing the coaching session, the employee has shown tremendous improvement in their approach with their team as well as in their personal development.

Nadine De Roche-Jones

Works Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited

a true business partner

Ken adopts a very pragmatic approach in delivering his wealth of knowledge to develop senior people within the organization. He is viewed as a true business partner and I would highly recommend his services. I found Ken’s coaching to be exceptional candidates transformed into a powerful change agent, achieving extraordinary results and influence

Faheem Mohammed

Ansa McAl

unprecedented leadership development

I am very pleased that you have been my Sherpa coach over the last six months and for life which I graciously thank you and wish you only the best. Our coaching sessions have not only been providing unprecedented leadership development but inspiring and insightful lively discussions to help me deliver extraordinary performance.

Your unique approach exhibits a sense of interest in championing me to the attainment of team goals and providing practices that accomplishes a new level of thinking to deliver great results which has even allowed me to also ascribe to many others on my team.
The approach that was taken where I brought to “life” all facets of my new role as General Manager guided our coaching sessions along with the structured Sherpa framework. Your mentoring and guidance helped me to confront all challenges to deliver solid performance. You have inspired and helped me understand and define success, how to envision and pursue the type of life that I want for myself, my family and my team. It gave a clear distinction what will make the biggest difference in my career and how to counteract the key issues that poses the greatest challenges and be an exemplary leader.

My attitude towards career goals and aspirations have materialized in action-oriented results whereby I can now accede easily to make changes and move forward with valuable life lessons in being a better person. These life lessons of dynamics in change, creating and delivering the extraordinary, building esteem and inspiring not
only help my Team but my family and friends. I feel confident that I can better develop short- and long-term plans for the all-round benefit of all. This coaching journey has helped me both personally and professionally, which is imperative for mutual success.

Thank you, my friend!

Edwin Ramcharitar

General Manager
ANSA Coatings Limited


The most frequent comment I’ve heard from people who I’ve spoken to about my coaching experience, was that they wished they had something similar when they were young.

The coaching experience has given me a head start on many tools to make me a better leader, and I have gotten a lot of wisdom I have had my perception changed through teaching, versus having to develop it through experience. While both have merit, the exceptional benefit of coaching is learning faster with fewer mistakes.

The quality of my coaching experience is largely due to the quality of coach and there is no substitution for the time spent in one-on-one sessions which give more than tools and tips.

The coaching experience is unparalleled in it’s ability to dive deeper into perception and thought processes behind continuously becoming a better leader, and it ingrains the mindset needed to achieve continuous improvement in management and leadership.

Jon Jhingoorie

Sector Demand & Supply Manager
ANSA McAL Construction Sector

extreme professionalism

My initial reaction to a coaching opportunity was scepticism. I saw a 13-week engagement as a sacrifice of time against a very hectic schedule. Having completed the program, I highly recommend Ken Corbie as a coach and the Sherpa coaching methodology as a platform for leadership development.

As my Sherpa, Ken Corbie coached with a high sense of organisation and extreme professionalism. His delivery is exceptional, and he is insightful and supportive.

Among the areas I developed during the engagement are: Confronting early; managing team expectations better; delegating effectively; monitoring staff performance and building more productive relationships.

Using the techniques I learned in the coaching engagement has led to a most fantastic turnaround in my career. I am now able to adopt a more strategic approach in my role, and the change has led me to embark on bigger and more far-reaching initiatives for Habitat which have the potential to change lives in our quest to alleviate poverty housing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Both my team and members of the board of Habitat have acknowledged my progress, and I am happy that I embarked on this journey.

Jennifer Massiah

National Director
Habitat for Humanity

active and engaging

Ken is very passionate about what he does, and it shows. He is an active and engaging listener who is genuinely interested in seeing you grow and develop.

In all my sessions with Ken, he never checked his phone, and it was clear that he was present in your moment.Over the last few months working with Ken, I have gained valuable insights about myself and what ignites my passion. This has given me a new perspective about my “why it matters”.I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing coach and downright genuine human being.

Christopher Penjilia

Operations Manager
ABS Construction

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"The coaching experience has given me a head start on many tools to make me a better leader.."
Jon Jhingoorie, ANSA McAL Construction Sector

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Ken Corbie is a business leader and Executive Coach. He has over 35 years of business and leadership experience.

He works with companies to get their leaders and executives to perform through using several proven coaching techniques.
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