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Designed to bring value and enhance the leadership capabilities within your business


Dynamic sessions in an atmosphere of collaboration and learning

This is for you if your company is having general difficulties in leadership, communications or sales and strategy or you need to bring your leaders and managers up to speed with the latest trends and methods of effectively managing and interacting with their team members.

My workshops are results-focused, engaging and fun. They go to the heart of what matters. Sessions can range from 1 to 2 days or as long as three years, depending on the level of engagement. The content is current and draws on cutting edge research and real-life examples and stories. My training is dynamic, collaborative, engaging and fun facilitation, including role-plays, skill-building activities, games, movies, music and major surprises. In the end, I provide support and coaching to make sure learning is applied in practice.

Team Builders

Engage individuals and teams and awaken their sense of kinship and duty

The best teams tend to lose form and direction from time to time. People leave, others join, and dynamics change. Sometimes several disparate teams are coming together as a result of an enterprise initiative new teams are formed, and people are not getting along. At other times teams get together simply to plan or kick off a new campaign. I specialise in bringing new energy to teams, helping them find a common bond and working together to create synergy, break barriers, find new solutions and achieve success.

Team building is not only fun and games. Although it’s that too. My team-building retreats are highly customised to the client group and their specific issues. The goal is focused results, but the journey is full of mind-blowing experiential events, sharing, learning, laughing and bonding. The result is a better functioning group of people, more willing to align behind a set of shared values, committed to organisational achievement.

One on One Coaching

Individual Coaching Sessions tailored to treat with specific leadership concerns

Whether your are trying to treat challenges with supervisor behaviour or preparing a manager for the next step in their leadership journey, one on one engagements are the best way to effect specific changes within an individual.

I meet one-on-one periodically with an executive or senior manager to create positive changes in business behaviour within an agreed time frame. The executive engages in a journey of change by working on weaknesses, clearing a way for strengths to shine and grow.

On-Demand Coaching

New & Cutting Edge On Demand Coaching Program Delivered One on One via Webinar

A lean program with young professionals in mind, designed to target areas that move the needle and yield results fast and effectively with long term results.

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I offer a free consultation where we discuss your particular challenges and the goals you want to achieve along with your particular limitations and resources. Why not try it today, it costs just a few minutes of your time 
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"The coaching experience has given me a head start on many tools to make me a better leader.."
Jon Jhingoorie, ANSA McAL Construction Sector

Are You Ready for Action?

Ken Corbie is a business leader and Executive Coach. He has over 35 years of business and leadership experience.

He works with companies to get their leaders and executives to perform through using several proven coaching techniques.
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