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Ken Corbie believes that everyone deserves a decent place to call home. As a long standing supporter of Habitat's work, Ken is prepared to put himself forward to encourage his peers and the national community to work with Habitat for Humanity. We all have the power to be Architects of Change in our own lives, in our own homes and our own communities. this is the opportunity to challenge what is, imagine what can be, then create the future we want for our country. Together, we CAN make a difference, play a part in moving our communities forward and ultimately, build safe, stable and self-reliant create a more caring, conscious, connected and compassionate community.

Customer Service

Customer Service by Ken Corbie: Receiving service - Giving Service - No difference

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"The coaching experience has given me a head start on many tools to make me a better leader.."
Jon Jhingoorie, ANSA McAL Construction Sector

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Ken Corbie is a business leader and Executive Coach. He has over 35 years of business and leadership experience.

He works with companies to get their leaders and executives to perform through using several proven coaching techniques.
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